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Anthony Rojas
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My son loves coming here!! He has learned a lot and improved much more ! Great environment and my other son will be joining soon as well ! 🎉🎉 would recommend to my friends and family!

Chris French
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Champion Karate is awesome! Everyone come and goes with a smile on there face. The atmosphere is amazing and you always leave with the satisfaction of the workout, the knowledge you learn and what it does and how you can use it as-well as the ability to overcome fear of talking and doing things in-front of others.

Julie Hart
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My youngest daughter has been attending Champion Karate for nearly 6 years and has progressed from a white belt to a Junior Black Belt. During this time she has learnt not only the forms and techniques needed but also self-confidence, focus, teamwork and respect. The instructors let each child progress at his/her own speed but give the same high level of support to each student thanks to the low student/teacher ratio. The verbal bullying content is an invaluable tool to both children and adults alike teaching them how to prepare mentally and protect themselves against oral and emotional attacks. My eldest daughter has done the women's self-defense course on several occasions as these are constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn. As a result she carries herself with a lot more confidence now so is less likely to become a victim which as she gets older and more independent is reassuring.

My husband and I are also attending the adult classes and as with the child/teen classes each session is structured to cover a certain requirement, ie. forms/self defense techniques/sparring/foundations and drills but within that there is again the individual attention which allows us to progress at our own pace. We also get a lot out of the seminars held throughout the year by guest instructors.

If you think you or your child could benefit from karate or a self defense class then I highly recommend you call in and check them out.

Ken Garrison
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Integrity - say what you mean and do what you say. This is one of the foundational teachings presented to the students of the Champion Karate American Kenpo System. Mr. Mike Friedman and his staff of black belts epitomize this definition. Mr. Friedman says they offer life-changing classes in self-defense, fitness & weight loss, and a more focused, confident life. Observe a single class or speak with one of the many parents proudly watching their children train and it quickly becomes obvious that Mr. Friedman and his team deliver on their promise. Mr. Friedman has dedicated his life to the martial arts, the community and his students.

I earned my black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate and went on to own and operate a school in Colorado. Since that time I have relocated to Florida and now have two sons (8 and 6 years old). Mr. Friedman reflects my own teachings and beliefs in the martial arts making Champion Karate my choice for my son’s martial arts education.

Dave Mohr
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Champion Karate is far and away the best. Not just a Karate studio they teach Karate and reinforce fundamental life skills, the value of truthfulness , trustworthiness, honor, gratitude, discipline, loyalty etc . My son is 5 years old and loves it.

Taina Rykard
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My husband & I just signed our youngest daughter up for 6 Weeks. We were given the tour and orientation yesterday and everyone was so polite and attentive to our needs and our expectations. They were very respectful. Our daughter was introduced to some of the core subjects they deal with in class and we were surprised to see how quick she caught on and how receptive she was to the instructor. We are excited to get started and work with everyone. We are looking forward to enrolling our other daughter once the new school year resumes.

DanielNicolasSofia Lopez
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A positive environment where children and adults embrace the art of Kenpo Karate, leadership, friendship, a journey of self enhancement and so much more! Women's self defense classes and Adult Kickboxing classes are guided to physical and mental enrichment. Champion Karate's owner and mentor, Mike Friedman, and his staff provide a safe place and welcoming environment where we all can learn and excel! I highly recommend it!

Bree Bridgman
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After searching and visiting several places trying to see where would be the best place to put my daughter, I ended up choosing Champion Karate and it was a fantastic decision. The instructions are very loving and very hands on, every kid is treating as an individual not just another kid going there. So happy we chose Champion, we would recommend going here to anyone.

Katie Long
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Wonderful! The instructors are fantastic with the kids. Great learning environment. Thank you!

Sarah Awwad
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My son started his classes at Champion karate when he was 3 and now he’s 5. Elijah loves his class there and I can’t say enough about the instructors and the Owner Mike Freedman is doing a great job making sure the class is well prepared and kids are learning new skills every week.

Paula K Olsen (Local Guide)
via Google

Our grandson Andrew has been taking karate lessons here for about five years, and he just turned 11. That should say something right there. He's not the star student, but he progresses, gains confidence, competence, and is in good physical condition due to the regular exercises he is put through at class.In the long run, his personal achievements here will go far in his development, both mentally and physically as he grows up. If you or your child might be interested in this type of activity and you're in this area, I would strongly urge you to check out Mike Friedman and his team at Champion before you decide on another place.

Jenni Naruta
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We signed our daughter up for a trial karate class after a family member suggested it to help her focus and learn discipline. She was nervous at first but was willing to give it a try. After her first class with Mr. Larry, she was hooked! Mr. Larry, Ms. Rae and Mr. Branden have taught our daughter confidence, respect and discipline. She enjoys going to class and learning new techniques which she could use, if needed, to help protect herself in dangerous situations. With all the craziness in the world today, I am glad that Champion Karate has given our daughter some valuable tools which could ultimately save her life one day!

Santosh Yadav
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My daughter has been attending Champion Karate for nearly 3 years and has progressed from a white belt to a Blue Belt. During this time she has learnt not only the forms and techniques needed but also self-confidence, focus, teamwork and respect. The instructors let each child progress at his/her own speed but give the same high level of support to each student thanks to the low student/teacher ratio. The verbal bullying content is an invaluable tool to both children and adults alike teaching them how to prepare mentally and protect themselves against oral and emotional attacks. My eldest daughter has done the women's self-defense course on several occasions as these are constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn. As a result she carries herself with a lot more confidence now so is less likely to become a victim which as she gets older and more independent is reassuring.

Paul Toma
via Google

My son takes kempo from Mike Friedman and I've noticed a huge improvement in his confidence, discipline and behavior at home/school. All the instructors are very proficient, polite and really take a vested interest in your continued improvement. Most important to me, with all the focus on school bullying, I feel confident that he can handle himself in any given situation. If you are thinking about beginning a martial arts program, definitely talk to Mike Friedman at Champion Karate!

Jennifer Miceli (Local Guide)
via Google

This is THE BEST dojo in town! I was referred by several different friends, some have been coming for 10 years. Of all the activities available, my 8 year old prefers this karate program over everything else. He never misses their summer camp, and he had his birthday party here. The instructors are excellent with kids and really make it fun! Bonus for me: my son has more confidence, plus better behavior at home and school. Priceless!

Drew (Local Guide)
via Google

We had the pleasure of working with the owner on a small project. Great guy and beautiful dojo. If I decide to enter my son in karate classes, I would not hesitate to call Mike @Champion

C Vogel
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Our 6 year old son started karate at Champion Karate in July. The instructors were very welcoming and fun, and our son immediately took a liking to karate. He loves learning self defense techniques, kicking, blocking, and punches. He has, over the last 5 months, improved in attention, focus, motor skills, strength, flexibility, and confidence. He has learned qualities such as citizenship, courage, and perseverance. Sometimes when he is frustrated with homework, I hear him tell himself, "I can do this, I have perseverance". His self esteem has improved so much, and I cannot say enough great things about Champion Karate. Thank you so much Mr. Friedman, Coach Larry, Coach Rae, and Coach Brandon.

Lori Williams
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We couldn't be happier with Champion Karate in Lake Mary. My son decided that he wanted to take karate and not knowing where to start I posted an inquiry to friends on social media. I had someone come back and recommend Champion. I called and scheduled a visit and we've not looked back since. He is definitely more focused and has dedicated himself to this sport. I have found when I pick him up he's generally happy at having had a good workout and accomplishing the challenges put to him by the staff. The instructors take time out to get to know your child and the focus is on self-defense along with teaching core values such as honesty, integrity, and self confidence. I look forward to a long relationship at Champion.

Natalie Smearman
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My kids LOVE Champion Karate!!! Since starting classes a couple of months ago, my kids have transformed. My son is 12 and has ADHD. He is now more focused, has a better awareness of his surroundings, is less clumsy, and is doing better in school. He is on the honor roll, and we have been able to decrease the dosage of his ADHD medication. My daughter is 9 and practices karate every day. She is so driven and strives to do better at each class. She has set goals for herself, and loves to practice with her brother. She is also on the honor roll, and her organizational skills have improved. All of the instructors are so passionate and dedicated. They are great leaders and teach the kids more than karate. The kids are taught values, morals, and discipline.

Missi Cadet
via Google

Warning this is NOT your typical Karate place! My kids have been going there for about a month. I am very impressed all around. The staff is friendly, caring and thoughtful! They teach powerful words! Gratitude was this month. My kids have been using the tips they learned. The are saying thank you for the little things and volunteering to help out around the house. The changes I am seeing in my kids are just incredible. Thankful for the entire staff that puts so much thought into what they do and making all the kids feel Champions!

Midiana Santiago
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Champion Karate has/had a tremendous impact on my 5 yr. old. My son has always been a great listener, but I wanted more confidence instilled within him. Champion karate not only did just that, but enhanced his intrinsic movtivation when it comes to helping around the house, manners, and speaking with adults! My family and I love champion karate along with their team members! D man says "hi Mr. Larry!"

Michael Allbee
via Google

The family culture and dedication to positively affecting everyone who comes through their doors sets Champion Karate apart! Whether your goal is to boost the confidence, discipline, and respect of a somewhat sullen preteen/teen (as in our case), or if you’re looking for a fun place to trick yourself into getting a good workout, they have the programs and professional caring staff to get you to your goals. Mike Friedman (the owner) is one of the most positive influences that I know, and I am honored to call him a friend, and so proud to be associated with him and the staff as they continue to make an impact in so many lives including ours.

Liz Garcia
via Google

Been with champion Karate for over a year now and can't be thankful enough for these amazing teachers that love what they do and really care about teaching and the students. Their amazing role models and my kids love them! I'm grateful for you guys and the passion you have for teaching Thank you for alway recognizing the hard work the kids put into karate and making them feel special and important Leo really appreciates you guys and so does our family.

Michael Davis
via Google

As like many parents, we have let our daughter try multiple sports to see what she would like to do. She has always been very strong and athletic, but never cared for the team sports. She is also very shy and hesitant when it comes to large groups of people. We decided to give Karate a try. After spending a day with Mr Larry at an Open house and continuously hearing him explain the program to interested parents, I continued to think of my daughter when he would give examples. I took some info, and stopped in and met Mike and Larry. Walking in and being greeted with a smile and a high five for my daughter, I saw in her eyes and her smile that this would be a good fit. Mr Larry has been able to build that confidence in my daughter. We also help out at home with the awesome App, and tools given for her to study. It's amazing how much she has changed in just two weeks of classes. I would highly recommend Champion Karate to anyone. You're not only learning a great Art, but the character building that is focused on as well, really helps break them out of their shell and teaches discipline.

Michael Seaman
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This place is amazing!! From the point you walk in the door you feel like your apart of the family. My son attended Champion Karate for about 2 years and the experience was like no other. Littering like no other, we moved out of Seminole county and moved to Brevard county about 6 months ago and trying to find a replacement that would come even close to what Mike Freidman establishment. Mr. Brandon, Dom, and Elliot had a great balance of discipline, knowledge of Kenpo and making it fun for all ages. I hope this helps you with making a decision on choosing this place to teach your child the art of karate.

Amber M
via Google

My son and family have benefited a great deal from our experience with Champion Karate. Every member of the staff takes time with my son to work on the skills he needs to succeed in fitness, in karate, and in life in general. Each staff member took time to know my son’s name and were always there to greet us. Recent renovations of the facility and continued dialogue with families reflect the overall care and concern for the best experience. This is a place where you will NOT feel like just a number but where they know who you are and what you need. Online support via videos to help with home review were a great help and a reflection of keeping up with technology. This also helped us practice at home. My family had a scheduling challenge and the staff was able to help us work with that as well. Good places stay around because they are doing something right and that is the case here. My son greatly enjoyed the character lessons and working towards the goal of graduation to the next belt. The actual graduation ceremony was something he looked forward to a great deal. I highly recommend Champion Karate to anyone.

Kristine Rios
via Google

The instructors at Champion Karate are awesome and full of energy. My daughter is normally shy when we start her into new programs and doesn't want to participate but not here. Once the Instructors introduced him self to her she Jumped right in and didn't look back at us. She's enjoying her time and will not stop talking about her class.

via Google

My wife and I did a lot of research before choosing the right school for our son, Evan. We wanted to make sure that the martial arts training he received would focus on self-discipline, respect, honor, loyalty, etc., in addition to training him to be able to defend himself. Champion Karate, led by Mike Friedman and his wonderful team, is that place. They communicate extremely well with us, and know exactly how to get through to children of all ages. They know how to help instill self-confidence or humility, depending on the student's needs. If you're looking for a great school for you or your child(ren), Champion Karate is the place.

Greg Nicholas
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Our son has been attending Champion karate for the last 4 years. He's learned so much respect and loyalty and has made many friends. Mike (the owner) is a great person, trustworthy and kind to all of the kids and parents. The staff too is excellent! Just an overall great place to have my child learn. Thanks Champion Karate!

Team Jewels
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Champion Karate is THE place to take your child for karate in Lake Mary. Their staff is unbelievably patient but firm with the students. They have dedicated instructors so that your child can get comfortable with an instructor and stick with them on their growing journey. (IMO that is super important!) Great values, Great teaching plans and reward programs. Our daughter LOVES her Karate Family!

Zimmer Matson (Hahaketchup)
via Google

This was one of the best martial arts experiences I've had outside of my home style and school. I've had about 10 years of martial arts experience where I was also a co instructor. My school however has since shut down, and I've been out of practice for almost another 10 years. With that being said, this place has a lot of great talent and good things going for it. They have a generous trial period, where the sense of them trying to sell you on their "product" is non-existent. Mr. Friedman purely wants you to feel at home in his dojo, and his instructors and staff do an excellent job at making sure you feel it. One of the things that I treasured from my home school was that each individual and small movement was explained, and had a reason for doing it. While it might be a different style, the instructors are masters at teaching, and explain each step. To keep myself from writing a book, as I've got nothing but excellent things to say about Mr. Friendman's school, I'll give some pros:

. Very knowledgeable instructors.
. Excellent programs for any age and fitness/self defense goal.
. Large floor size to keep distance during COVID, and for demonstrating techniques as needed.
. Class energy was very relaxed, but professional and respectful.

Honestly if you're even remotely thinking about taking up a martial art or just wanting to get into shape, just do it. You won't regret giving them a shot.

Enjoy GettingFit
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As a coach and family member of Champion Karate, I am proud to be a part of Mr. Mike Team! Great place to learn more about yourself and become better person. Friendly environment for kids from 3 to 12 years old, teens and adults. Highly recommend.

Benjamin M. Gillman
via Google

We moved to Florida two years ago and one of our best discoveries has been Champion Karate. Mr. Friedman and Mr. Larry (along with the other great staff members) have really taught our boys a lot about the principles of martial arts, discipline, and skills that will transfer to other areas of life. Signing our boys up for Champion Karate was a great decision and we are so grateful for everything they do for the kids. We are now moving back to MN and we will really miss the coaches and the community that Champion Karate has provided us over the last 2 years.

Kylee Gardner
via Google

Champion karate is by far the best around. We drive 30-40 minutes to get here, because we want our son to have the best, and that is exactly what we found in Champion Karate. The instructors are wonderful with the kids, and know how to instruct them in ways that grab their attention, and keep it the whole session. They genuinely care about children and people in general! I promise you this..... you do one class with Champion Karate, you can't NOT come back!! We have found our dojo!! <3

via Google

These folks run a very reliable, professional, high quality gym. My son has attended classes here at champion karate for a little over 6/7 months, he has learned, and grown more and more every class.

During the time my son has been in classes the covid quarantine took place, I can not express how above and beyond this team of professionals went. They offered virtual online classes to all students and then when the state gave approval to reopen they came back strong the first week, following all state regulations and even safer additional measures.

In all, I really recommend this business to anyone interested in classes for your self friend or family member ! Outstanding !

Brandi Rice
via Google

I must say that I am very impressed with Champion Karate. I signed my son up for the 6 week trial thinking that it would be good exercise and that it might help my son be more disciplined. The second week of classes, my son was hooked. All he talked about was karate and what day he gets to go next. Not only is Mike Friedman wonderful, his entire staff are very friendly, helpful, positive and they all work great with kids. The values and lessons taught by the instructors are really great and I can definitely see a difference in my sons attitude. Mike Friedman and Champion Karate are a wonderful asset to our community. I work for a non profit and without knowing that Mike agreed to participate in an event that helps raise funds for families in Central Florida. That is just the compassionate person that he is and I find that very commendable. I would definitely recommend Champion Karate to anyone. We love it!

Joe Monaco
via Google

My Son has been training at Champion Karate in Lake Mary, Florida for more than five years and the experience has been extraordinary. There is a high emphasis on respect, discipline and leadership that definitely shows up in my Son's attitude at home and at school. Mike Friedman and his team of instructors work amazingly well with the children in their classes. The passion for educating the kids is clear and evident. The concern they give each of the students is genuine and the kids respond amazingly well as a result. I always say that joining the Prepaid College Program and Champion Karate are the two best choices I have ever made as a parent! I highly recommend Champion Karate to my friends regardless if they have boys or girls! Best decision ever!

Michael Gaudio
via Google

We can't say enough great things about Champion Karate! Growth in leadership skills, self confidence and personal development are just a few of the areas we have seen our children advance in. The team at CK has continued to deliver at a high level through their new Virtual Training Program and private instruction, both of which have been great with the kids home due to school closings. Highly recommend. A+.

j3sstification Rodriguez
via Google

We want to share our gratitude and appreciation to each and everyone of you! See, we’ve tried different ways to help our son with focusing, to pay attention, follow instructions, and to help him with body control, which it’s been hard for him. We’ve tried alternative therapies and activities but nothing has made an major impact on him until we walked in to Champion Karate. Just within several months, there has been major improvement in him. His focus, body control and able to listen to the instructors and follow through is incredible! Every class has been very educational, positive, motivating and structured. We certainly appreciate the extra help given from each instructor that has been there to assist him side by side and hands on with our son. I totally, hands down recommend you to any individual. We truly cherish everyone for doing such an exceptional job, keep up the good and hard work!

Valerie Martinez
via Google

My 4 year old son has been part of the Champion Karate family for about 6 months, and it truly feels like a family. On day 1 we were impressed with the quality of the instructors and their ability to make 4 year olds listen! But I have to say, since we have been home under stay at home orders during this pandemic, Champion Karate has gone above and beyond to ensure their students are connected. The virtual lessons have been implemented seamlessly and even more programs have been added to keep the kids engaged in martial arts and connected to their Champion Karate family. We will forever be grateful for the work Mr. Friedman, Mr. Brandon, Mr. Carlos, Ms. Hannah and all the other instructors have put in to the training of my 4 year old and all other students. "Thank you" isn't enough.

Jay P
via Google

I'm glad we made the decision to bring my 5 year old here. She loves coming to class and learning new disciplines each time. The staff is patient and make the training fun and exciting each session. Did I mention they also offer summer camp😉.

Shay Athey
via Google

My Maci started a few months back here and is loving every bit of it. She is a twin and a bit more reserved and shy compared to her sister. She lacks confidence………….until now. Champions has given her so much confidence that she has broken out of her shell and is no longer shaded by her twin. Putting her in karate has been the best decision ever. Plus I won’t worry as her mother as she grows knowing she will know how to protect herself. Not only that the staff are amazing and always checks up on Maci to make sure she is not only good while with them but also in school as well as at home.

Dustin Berger
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I enrolled my five-year-old son and it was an outstanding experience. When he started, it was hard to get him to look at an adult let alone talk to one. He was there for 6 months before we ended up having to leave because of a job transfer, and in that six months not only did he get excellent karate instruction, his confidence was increased to the point where he would engage with adults. He now regularly uses yes ma'am and yes sir. The instructors work very well with all kids. They are happy, and personable, and really know their stuff. I would recommend this place for any age.

via Google

We have been members of Champion Karate for 5 years now. This place is a second home for us! My son has truly enjoyed the curriculum and learned so much about karate, leadership, discipline, and respect. I love that the values I teach him at home are also encouraged in his martial arts training. The staff is professional, kind, and caring. The instructors are knowledgeable and interactive with the children as well as tons of FUN! We recently moved out of the Lake Mary area and drive 30 minutes to classes each week. It is SO worth the extra time in the car to be able to be a part of such an incredible community!!

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